Thursday, 11 August 2011


So good news first, I had my scan the other week and the news came back very positive. The doctors are 90% sure that the lump in my chest is just a Thymic Gland that has reactivated itself due to the intense Radiotherapy! But the bad news is I am still going to need a biopsy! Basically a big needle going through my neck into my chest!

It has taken quite a lot out of me to get to this point. I know in my last post that I said that an invasive surgery was needed but it all changed last minute! I was waiting for the confirmation to arrive from the hospital but it never came so I called up asking what the hold up was. My recommendation for surgery never left the office an ‘administrative error’ it was called. So reviewing my case my consultant wanted me to have a scan instead. This was on the table before but was decided against so the idea was revisited and the arrangements were made. I made sure they were this time!! 

I waited 3-4 weeks to have my scan. If I had the scan straight away it would basically be the same as before and we needed a gap to see how the lump reacted. If it got bigger then there would be a very strong chance that it was Hodgkin’s. If the lump got smaller or stayed the same then it was just the Thymic gland.

I was just holding my breath trying to keep myself busy. The thought of everything crashing down again kept me up at night. My mind was a muddle. Everything seemed out of focus for a while so it’s nice to feel things getting back to normal again, well almost. 


  1. I hope you get the positve results you deserve. I

  2. I'm so happy for you that it looks likely to be the thymic glad. You are the bravest girl. x

  3. Thank you so much for your support! See you in the next post!

  4. Happy New Year Maya! So good to read such positive post. We are staying positive with you!