Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Well I didn’t even make it past my 1st scan! Everything had been going so well, too well in fact that I simply did not have enough time to add to my blog! I had made my hat, taken my pictures and was ready to sit down and write my thing about how amazing it was to reach the biblical word REMISSION but as soon as I heard these energizing words I was off, I was away, doing those things I had suppressed for so long! I went on holiday to Valencia to see my cousin whose wedding I had missed earlier that year. I found myself a job as a freelance pattern cutter. It couldn’t have been more perfect I could work from home, do it in bite size pieces and have a job that challenged me. I met friends and you know I actually went on a night out! I can’t say that I have done that in a while! But then my 1st scan came around the corner and I just new that something was up. I can’t really put my finger on it though I just knew that something would be wrong. I worked and reworked my collage but it did not look right until I placed my fear in the scene.  I mean I felt fine I was out and about and starting to get on but my fears were realised when I was told that my scan had showed a new lump in my chest! I literally stopped breathing!

On the plus side my chances are 50/50. It may not even be Hodgkins’ but a gland that has been irritated by the intense radiotherapy that was based on that area! My next step is to have a biopsy! I will have an operation that will go through my chest and unfortunately break a rib. My fingers are crossed but I am just pissed off! Can everything that I have worked so hard to get back be taken away so easily? Has the bubble burst...