Monday, 23 April 2012


Okay so I’ve basically been sleeping, eating, and popping pills for a year. It’s time to get back to the real world, the working world, but how to get there? Volunteering ticked all the boxes. I could work as many hours as I wanted, it was local and you know, it was nice to focus on someone else for a while. For 2 hours a week I felt a little like my old self again.


  1. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  2. Hello girl!
    My name is Patrycja, I am a sixth form student, at the moment I am studying A2 photography, which I would love to carry on in future.
    In my next project, I would like to mention a different side of 'fashion photography'. As my mum is a cancer survivor, this topic is very close to home. Seeing her suffer, and how different people reacted to her physical appearance change, it inspired me to be the voice for the young women which are made to feel as if they're not good enough to be models or feel beautiful. I would like to organize an event, in which I would shoot images of cancer patients in 'fashion' style. Showing that no matter how you look, you are still beautiful and you can be a fashion model. I do not know how to organize this as I would need cancer patients which would be able to attend a photo-shoot in my school (Rooks Heath Sixth Form) or home studio, to have images taken of them. I want to raise awareness that models come in all shapes and sizes, and they do not have to be what you see in magazines.

    If I succeed, I plan to organize a charity event, where members of the public can come in to view the images and have refreshments. The money for the entry, and refreshments will then be given to the Macmillan charity.

    I would feel very grateful if you could get back to me, I would love to shoot some images with you!:)

    My email is :
    Thank you,

    Patrycja Lis