Thursday, 13 January 2011


Sitting in the Doctors lounge waiting for another appointment way back in June I knew deep down that the news was not going to be good. Finding an eyelash on my cheek I put it on my finger and gently blew it away with a wish. On that day I started something that I have been doing ever since. There is something hopeful about knowing that when there is nothing more you can do you can wish it better. As a child I did this for good luck as many of us did wishing that school would be closed or extra pocket money. It was a bit of fun, a bit of wishful thinking. As I started going through my treatment and meeting people at different stages of their treatment many people had a little faith in something whether it be a necklace, broach or pin something to hold on to when things got tough. As my hair fell out so did some of my lashes. I think I did most of my wishing then, well there were so many, but it must have worked as most of my lashes and eyebrows stayed in. It’s now January and I’ve had the blood test and the PET scan and today is the day I meet my consultant and find out what my future holds. Just do me a favour, next time you find an eyelash make sure you make a wish.

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