Thursday, 30 December 2010


Leaving Chemo last Thursday gave me an array of feelings. First of all I couldn’t believe that I had gotten through twelve rounds of Chemo. Thinking to myself how quickly and at the same time how painstakingly slow six months have gone. Then came the realisation that I didn’t know what came next. Fear of the unknown often makes your mind wonder, this can be dangerous for a daydreamer like me. Other than a few tests in January to finally see the outcome of the Chemotherapy treatment - who knows what the next part of my journey is going to be. It could be Radiotherapy but I mustn’t forget that finishing Chemo is a massive step in itself. Although this is not the end of my treatment - merely just the beginning - I feel this is a definite step in the right direction. So how can I describe what I am feeling right now…I suppose I am happy but mostly holding my breath.

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  1. Hell yeah babe! That really is an accomplishment. Glad your holidays had a great finish. Happy new years!!!!!

    P.s. Sweet hat!