Thursday, 11 November 2010

A New Beginning

So most people think that one of the hardest things about cancer is losing your hair... I haven't found that. Though sometimes frustrating, I didn't mind it too much. I knew from the start I would lose my hair and so mentally prepared myself for it. One tip that really helped me was having my hair cut short. I had always wanted to have a bob but was always too fond of my long hair. 

Though losing all my hair was not a big deal, having chunks of hair fall out made me extremely depressed. It just felt like it was all over me. So I made the decision to have all my hair shaved off. I enlisted the help of my good friend Lindsay. But being me it was not as straight forward as just cutting my hair off. A couple of days before the destined date I had an accident. I cut my ankle and had to go to A&E. They basically said that I had to keep my ankle away from water, which meant having a bath with my ankle out. This was tough but what was tougher was the fact that I needed to wash my hair before Lindsay came round. Now I know I was getting rid of my hair anyway but she couldn’t see it all dirty, so I began to mash my hair. I went for the final dunk but when I resurfaced something was wrong… my hair was stuck to the top of my head and it wouldn’t move. SHIT… I had just matted my hair to the top of my head. There was no going back now!!!! So Lindsay came and this is what we got up to... Oh and forgot to mention too that I had forgotten clippers or anything that you are meant to have to Lindsay had to use normal scissors and a razor. I think she did quite well really. But or course we had to have a little fun before we shaved it all off!!!

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